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How To Develop a Thoughtful Exit From Your Business

Business owners invest so much into their business financially and emotionally, it can be hard for us to leave.

So, while almost 60% of business owners say they would exit today if their financial security were assured, over 60% also say they worry about missing their role in the business after retiring.

With it being so difficult to let go, many owners don’t know if, or when they will retire. Eight in 10 business owners do not have a timeline for retiring and the rest say they do not imagine doing so at all.

Business owners have conflicting struggles going on in their heads about why it’s so difficult to exit. Owners often have an easier time articulating the notion that the business is their baby, but in many cases the real reason they never leave is because the business affords their lifestyle.

The challenge with this thinking is that oftentimes, a business owner doesn’t have the opportunity to choose when the business exit will occur.  Health issues, economic factors, or the grim reaper himself can have strong influence on the demise of a business.   

The question is not what will happen, the question is what would the owner like to have happen?

To successfully exit a business, owners need to address both their financial and emotional reasons for holding on to their companies. They must create financial independence and goals for life without their businesses.  We can help.

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