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Our Style of Asset Management

At StrongHaven we believe asset management is more than just your investment portfolio. We believe that proper asset management takes stock of all assets, risk expectations, diversification, expenses and tax strategy. We are process driven and are focused on delivering results that help manage risk long term. We begin by developing an investment policy statement in order to create a framework for managing assets in alignment with client goals as well as create clarity of results.

 Our portfolios are unique to you.  They are allocated based on your timeline, goals and objectives.  We provide non-correlated options to potentially minimize risk.  We rebalance in accord with the stated risk of each individual client. Whether your needs are managing around a large holding in a business or concentrated stock positions, minimizing taxes or your focus is to invest in accordance with your social values, we listen to what you need and apply our due diligence, oversight, collaborative skills and years of expertise to help you meet your goals.

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ESG Impact Investing

  • People, Planet & Prosperity Drive our ESG actions. Our focus is that the returns we strive for today should not come at the sacrifice of future generations.

  • We seek to understand your values and build portfolios that support your vision.

  • We stay connected to important issues in the world, including water quality, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, protecting venerable communities.

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Goals Based Investing

  • We build your allocation around your current assets. We include alternative and non-correlated investment holdings

  • We manage to your risk level, helping you develop a high level of comfort with your holdings and how they perform.

  • We match your family charter or mission to your holdings. You can be proud of what you own.

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Intelligent Asset Management

  • Our investment committee meets weekly to discover opportunities and prepare for headwinds

  • Deep research from independent sources coordinated through our team of CFPs & CFAs to determine economic trends and act in accordance with your IPS.

  • We stay committed to your goals & targets, we also focus on meeting your timeline needs for cashflo while building enough flexibility to act on key market indicators.

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