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Every entrepreneur asks the same question: 

‘Am I satisfied with my present accomplishments, or do I want to take my business and my vision to new heights?’


People who join WCG are builders. These are the people who want to test the limits of their ability — either at their individual firms or as advisors looking to break away from the oppression of larger firms. WCG invests in your vision and helps make it real with technology, practice support, collaboration, and cash flow.




performance Solutions

Helping You Take Care of What Matters Most

  • Your Clients

  • Building Your Legacy

  • Minimizing Capacity Issues

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Investment Management

StrongHaven Investment Strategies Committee

  • High Level Professionals

  • Competitive Analysis

  • No Second Guessing

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INsurance Services

Lead With an Entire Team of Insurance Experts

  • Customized Plans For Each Client

  • Advanced Planning Team

  • Underwriting Team Advocate

Compliance & Operations

We Work With You

  • Streamline Business Efficiency

  • Navigate Best Practices

  • Ensure Operational Effectiveness

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Transition & integration

We Advocate For You

  • Personal Relationship Manager

  • Coordinate & Streamline Your Transition

  • We Value You & Your Firm

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Advisor Resource Center

Our ARC is a Team That Supports You

  • CFP's & Financial Professionals Support You

  • Study Groups That Share Best Practices

  • Provide Professional Development Opportunities

One of the most important needs of any human being is the need to be valued. Much like our client process, we collaborate with our advisors.


We ask the big questions and uncover the deeper issues of how to get to that elusive “next level”. What’s most important to you? That’s where we start. What goals do you have for yourself? Your family? Your career? Your practice?


Once we have a full understanding of where you stand and where you want to go, we craft a strategic playbook with you to give you the best chance of getting there. Many advisors spend more time planning for their vacation than their business success. This neglect leads to inefficiency, challenges with focus and effectiveness, capacity problems, and reduced commercial value. With the right resources and a little vulnerability. A disciplined business approach in an environment of collaboration can move a stagnant practice from surviving to thriving!


StrongHaven Roundtable Meetings

Regional “Study Group” format meetings are held two to three times a year to share best practices among StrongHaven advisors.

Marketing and Practice Management

Driven by the StrongHaven Marketing and Practice Management Committee support, we bring the industry best practices together for implementation in your practice.

Professional Development

With a monthly calendar of professional development opportunities, presented by StrongHaven and key business partners you can participate in those that work best for your practice.



RIA and OSJ Compliance

StrongHaven’s Compliance Officer (CCO), along with supporting team members keep you up-to-date on both RIA and commission-based governance relating to our industry and your business. We work with you to ensure you and your office are conducting business, as well as maintaining your books and records in the appropriate manner.

Investment & Insurance Operations

A key partnership between your operations staff and the StrongHaven back office is essential for the efficiency of your business. Our operations teams help you to implement processes and procedures and navigate best practices to ensure operational efficiency.


Investment Management

StrongHaven Investment Committee

StrongHaven’s Investment Strategy Committee (ISC) manages the firms model portfolios that are offered via StrongHaven, LLC (dba StrongHaven) an SEC-registered investment advisor.

At StrongHaven, our Investment Strategy Committee draws on a wealth of experience and resources in an effort to bring our client portfolios the most current research and thinking available. In addition to seven experienced advisors with a collective experience of over 200 years, we have as our StrongHaven’s Chief Economist William Helkie*. Mr. Helkie retired as Sr. Advisor to the Federal Reserve Board and also held many other executive-level positions during his tenure, including Sr. Advisor for the Energy Information Administration, a division of the Department of Energy. He currently teaches Macroeconomics at the University of Maryland. *William is not affiliated with LPL.

StrongHaven Investment Team and Portfolios

The StrongHaven investment team presents a fully outsourced solution for your practice, trades, and rebalancing that is all executed by the investment team for you and your clients.

  • ISC Portfolios

The ISC believes in managing portfolios using a core plus satellite strategy** that incorporates both active and passive investment strategies. The core is managed using strategic asset allocation surrounded by thematic satellite sleeves that seek to drive portfolio performance.

  • High Impact Portfolios (HIP)

Our High Impact Portfolios (HIP) invest in companies and funds that are committed to best in class sustainable business practices. There is a growing base of evidence that suggests companies that are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and have positive screens for corporate governance and diversity in executive leadership outperform funds that do not share this focus.

Competitive Analyses

Along with ARC, the investment team is available to help you prepare portfolio solutions for presentation to your clients and when analyzing existing portfolios, the team can help compare them to your proposed solutions.



Outsourced Insurance Support

The StrongHaven insurance team is an outsourced solution to assist or handle all of your client’s insurance needs; eg, Life, Disability-Income, and Long Term Care. Point-of-sale assistance is also available.

Case Design and Illustrations

The insurance team’s support integrates seamlessly with the ARC and your financial planning process to make appropriate carrier and product recommendations for your client's specific risk management needs.

Advanced Concepts

When needed the insurance team leverages our business partners for advanced concepts and case design for your client’s more complex situations.

Underwriting and Case Management

Perhaps the most critical role the team fills is one of underwriting advocacy on both yours and your client’s behalf.  Our expertise in this area can lead to more favorable offers and ultimately placement of products to fulfill your client's risk management needs.


Getting to know you

Throughout the recruiting process, we get to know you, your values, and your firm so your transition experience will meet your specific needs.

Transition & Integration Coordinator

Transitions are difficult for you, your staff, and your clients. Our transition coordinators advocate on your behalf and navigate you through the process by helping you to prepare ahead of your transition date and support you through your transition and integration into StrongHaven.

Relationship Management

A long-term relationship relies on open communication. Our relationship managers keep the lines of communication open to be sure you are able to maximize all that StrongHaven has to offer, as well as help with any other needs of your business.



The Advisory Resource Center (ARC) is a team of experienced CFPs and financial professionals available to support StrongHaven advisors through the financial planning process and technology solutions. ARC also provides other advanced tools to help increase their billable hours and profitability.

ARC Support Highlights


Fully outsourced financial planning support using eMoney

Establish eMoney personal client portal

StrongHavenTechnology Bundle

Advanced Resource and Diagnostic Tool